27th of June – Speakers and Topics


Guest speaker, Martha Silcott from Fablittlebag


Speaker Martha Silcott Fablittlebag asks women the question “are you flushers or binners”.  Her ingenious solution to safe, environmental disposal of sanitary products has changed the lives of many women. More importantly, her powerful presentation on the impact of flushing used products was hugely informative.  Many times, women find that flushing is the only solution due to inadequate provisions in public loos, the corporate world and even at friends’ homes.


Martha’s tireless educational campaign is making a big difference not only to this often awkward topic but also to the amount of plastic that makes its ways into the waterways. Guest speaker Martha Silcott is the creator of My Fab Little Bag. She has worked tirelessly raising awareness of the awkward and embarrassing position in which many women find themselves.  Due to ignorance or negligence, proper disposal of sanitary products can still be difficult. 


Shining a light on this “taboo” topic raises another important area around the damage that many of these bleached, synthetic products (up to 90% crude oil plastics) cause to waterways and river life. Look at Martha’s excellent work https://www.fablittlebag.com/author/marthasilcott/  

Round Table Topic:

The round table topic on the health of our soil created a huge amount of practical input and insights to this increasing problem. Most of our farming soil is dead. Soil Scientists believe that improving the health of the soil will reduce the carbon dioxide levels. Composting cuts down on food waste and produces “black gold” the most fertile soil there is.