About Vertue 


The external environment is taking its toll on nature and our internal wellbeing, across health, policy, ethics, accountability and sustainability issues.

Drawing inspiration from an era when the lifestyle people strive for today was commonplace, and accountability, reliability, consideration and kindness were part and parcel of everyday living, Vertue strives to impart knowledge to help women better care for themselves and their planet.

We live in a unique time. As the science of the future and the wisdom of the past continue to converge, we are asking ourselves what we can do better for our world.

About the Founder 



Paula Ruane; wife, mother and sustainability advocate.


My childhood on the north Norfolk coast embodied many of the sustainability initiatives we love today. Drinks came in recycled glass bottles and could be returned for moneyback. Food was organic. Vegetables were washed in saltwater to kill any natural nasties. People worked close to home, communities were tight-knit, and we all looked out for each other and by and large respected nature and her cycles.

I took this way of living with me, buying organic and local produce as much as I could, cooking everything myself, and teaching my children to be aware of nature from an early age. 

In the early nineties, I became more vigilant, buying extra concentrated household items without the harmful chemicals, cutting down on deliveries and wasted packaging, shunning products with trans fats and learning to read labels.

Noticing an increasing demand on time over the years, it struck me that women had fewer and fewer opportunities for introspection and reflection. This realisation was my motivation for creating Vertue; to attract and encourage likeminded women to look at big picture issues during their sustainability journeys for personal and professional change.