25th of April – Speakers and Topics


Guest speaker, Robert Gordon, Head of Projects from The Garden Museum


This delightful talk with insights for the behind the scene and larger external projects from Robert Gordon was just what a few of us needed to hear, including:


  • The returning and increasing trend, plus health benefits, of having more potted plants in the home
  • New relationships with gardening bringing us more fulfilling ways of life, promoting personal wellbeing and flourishing communities
  • Urban gardens providing the peace and tranquility of open rolling hills into the urban environment with community gardens, parks, squares and allotments.



In addition and in support, The Garden Museum has created the a stunning sanctuary of silence within their grounds; somewhere to escape to with no talking, gadgets or cameras just for 2 hours on a Friday afternoon – see information on this wonderful area all supported by charitabledonations and free here.

Round Table Topic on 5G

The wonders of the high speed highway and the calls for more independent scientific research linked to potential health issues.  This topic created a huge debate and interest as most weren’t aware of the suspected adverse health impact.

There is a cross party petition tabled for more research – click here to sign the petition.