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By attending a Vertue event, you’re not only investing in your own personal growth – you’re demonstrating your passion for preserving our planet (and everything in it). You’re dedicating yourself to a greater cause by building on your knowledge and sharing your insights with likeminded women who also have the power to make a difference.

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Our Trees – now it’s our turn to nurture, protect and support them to fight climate change

26th of November 2019

We stopped swinging in them around 3 million years ago; our trees have always been there for us,  giving us shade and protection, absorbing carbon, protecting and nurturing us and our wildlife.


Today they reduce pollution, fight flooding and make our landscapes more resilient. But they need our help.  As numbers reduce due to land reclamation, imported diseases from abroad and neglect, they need maintenance, care and new planting.


The Woodland Trust, founded in 1972, has planted 43,000,000 but it still isn’t enough.  Join us and hear from Sarah Shorley, The Woodland Trust for this important topic.

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