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By attending a Vertue event, you’re not only investing in your own personal growth – you’re demonstrating your passion for preserving our planet (and everything in it). You’re dedicating yourself to a greater cause by building on your knowledge and sharing your insights with likeminded women who also have the power to make a difference.

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Waste to Energy to Nutritious Food – how can munching microbes do so much?

26th of June 2020

Biomass Energy; waste remediation and a high nutrient food ingredient; Professor Alison Smith shares her passion and exciting work.


The search for renewable energy, waste reduction and sustainability of our food sources seems to have been sidelined by current events. But the need to be self-sufficient is becoming more urgent than ever. I am delighted to announce that Prof Alison Smith, University of Cambridge and Head of Department of Plant Sciences will be joining us on 26th June She will be discussing her vital research interests which are based around the metabolism of plants, algae and bacteria, She is developing the use of algal cultivation for production of biomass energy, waste remediation and as a high-nutrient food ingredient.


This is an exciting sustainability frontier, join the Vertue* online community for this amazing talk – Q&A session as well.

Vertue: Vertue offers a platform and community for learning, sharing and support for women on their sustainability journey; at any stage and across all areas of their lives.

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