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By attending a Vertue event, you’re not only investing in your own personal growth – you’re demonstrating your passion for preserving our planet (and everything in it). You’re dedicating yourself to a greater cause by building on your knowledge and sharing your insights with likeminded women who also have the power to make a difference.

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Please join us the next Sustainable Business Exchange – networking for a more sustainable future

February 24th   8.45- 11.15 am

Nothing beats meeting other like-minded people who are focussed on similar outcomes and results.

About this event:

  • In business?
  • Concerned about sustainability issues?
  • Want to do more and connect with others who feel the same?

This is what we do in our focused and purposeful online sessions at The Sustainable Business Exchange. This growing community, founded in 2018, wants to hear from you, about your specific interests and how best we can support you in business.

Book your place now to network and expand your knowledge, connections and possibilities.
At Vertue, we are passionate about the current “decade of delivery”- the time frame outlined by the UN and its17 Sustainable Development Goals. It is essential to speed up the vital changes needed to deal with climate warming and the health of our planet.

Book now to reserve your place to meet and network with others who feel the same

Please join us for the next specialist speaker event –

How to make a pocket forest with re-wilding to support our wildlife, environment and ourselves.

February 27th

About this event

James Godfrey-Faussett has worked on rewilding 104 forests over the last two years from wide expanses to pocket forests for the benefit of all.

James’s passion and speciality is in urban green spaces to help them become more interactive, sensory experiences and bring the environmental and ecological benefits which are so urgently needed.
Current parks and green spaces do their job and are great for kids to let of steam, but still lack the magic of connecting to nature – where we stand still in awe and smell the clean air, listen to the rustle of the trees and the chatter of the birds.

Join us to hear from James about his work and vision and discover what you can do as well to better promote urban forests.

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Specialist Speaker events 2022


There is a diverse variety of speakers from Academia, business and NGO’s covering most of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. If you want to be better informed, make better choices and support ambitious action in this Decade of Delivery, join us to learn, share and influence.

27th January 12-2 pm – Book now 

*Please note that there is no specialist speaker event in August and December; the networking event time is longer for those months

A Selection of Previous Events

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How to further reduce kitchen waste.


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