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By attending a Vertue event, you’re not only investing in your own personal growth – you’re demonstrating your passion for preserving our planet (and everything in it). You’re dedicating yourself to a greater cause by building on your knowledge and sharing your insights with likeminded women who also have the power to make a difference.

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Next event

Next Specialist Speaker is on the October 30th, where we welcome Bee-keeper Stacy Conly-Dillon.

At the end of the month, we have a Specialist Speaker Event to inform, raise awareness and provide a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas. Pollution, degradation of their habitat, “mule” flowers with too-little or nil nector plus insecticides have all taken their toll on our little friends.  Find out how one woman decided to do something about this.

With a love of nature and the environment Sunnyfields Honey & Home was launched with an ambition to educate and inform the average Joe on how they can make a difference on their patch to our declining pollinator population.
A range of natural products, experiences and sponsorships have been developed to bring pleasure to the recipient.


Whether it’s tasting the single source honey, using a handmade beeswax product, taking part in a beekeeping experience or sponsoring a hive you’ll be sure to get a buzz knowing you’re doing your bit to help.

Save the date for our next event:

Sustainable Business Exchange 2020


8th  October 9-10.30
12th  November 9-10.30
10th  December 9-11 NOTE 2 hour special



14th  January 9-10.30
11th  February 9-10.30

Specialist Speaker events.


There is a diverse variety of speakers from Academia, business and NGO’s covering most of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. If you want to be better informed, make better choices and support ambitious action in this Decade of Delivery, join us to learn, share and influence.

30th  October 

27th  November

December – Covid allowing there will be a live social TBA

29th  January 

26th  February

Previous events

Rosie Oliver

The Thames and raising awareness around London’s environmental issues

The Sustainable Kitchen Cabinet

How to further reduce kitchen waste.


Want to Leave Our World Better Off For Having You Here?

Anyone eager to initiate positive change can.


The Garden Museum

A look at the history, its current work in communities and environmental impact and education

Soft Launch

Introducing Vertue with a line of high profile speakers.