And this little Piggy…..

There aren’t enough days in the week for this particular little piglet,

The next time you sink your teeth in that yummy, squidgy, white bread, spare a little thought for her.

Have you ever wondered how white bread today stays so fresh for so long – it really is a modern-day miracle!

My great grandfather was a miller and baker and we weren’t allowed to eat fresh bread;  we had to wait a day as fresh bread was “bad for your stomach”. Whether this is true or not, you don’t really have the option today as today’s mass-produced bread stays fresh for a surprisingly long time.

Before Christmas one year, I just couldn’t understand why the white bread I had cut and laid out to go stale for bread-sauce, it just wouldn’t go stale.  After mentioning it to a friend and carrying out my research, I found to my horror that she was right and it was absolutely true. Brace yourself. 


Is a non-essential amino acid which is used as a flour improver. It is known as E920 and is permitted for use in all biscuits, breads and cakes except those that claim to be wholemeal. The problem for a would-be vegan is that traditionally L-Cysteine is produced from feathers, pig bristles and sometimes even human hair. This human hair comes mainly from the floors of barber shops in China. 

They aren’t called food manufacturers for nothing!