Time for family and the environment

Time for you, your family and the environment

Every cloud has a silver lining and although lockdown produced cloudless skies for many weeks, people have noticed a silver lining with 6 invaluable points.  Many people have said that they feel more reconnected with themselves, each other and the environment.

They have told me that they are prioritising their work/life balance and they will never go back to the way they lived and worked pre-Covid19.  Another point that many have mentioned is the amount of birdsong;  how wonderful it is and how much they love to listen to it..  I imagine that the birds are pretty relieved too.

These are the 6 most liked aspects of lockdown;

  • More family time
  • Doing nothing and not feeling guilty
  • No commuting
  • Cleaner air (and clearer skies)
  • Getting to know the neighbours better
  • Listening to the birdsong.

I heard  that before lockdown, robins in central London had adjusted the time and evolved the pitch of their early morning and dusk calls so that they could be heard above the noise of the traffic. London Robins had to get up earlier and go to bed later just to be heard. Also, the alarm calls of many small bird’s, eg great tits, were drowned out during rush hour.  This meant that their predators are more easily able to pick off the birds because the little birds couldn’t hear the warnings from others.

This new-found appreciation and benefit of hearing and listening to the birds is something to be treasured.

Even though only temporarily, the clock has been turned back a few decades to a slower pace of life and allowed the wellness benefits of connecting with nature to be felt.

What we all will all need when the lockdown eases and some sort of productive working system evolves to bring in “normal” is the strength of will and purpose to keep to the vows we made ourselves.  Setting out firm boundaries for self-care, time for others, time for the planet are essential, but so worth it.