Eager to initiate positive change? With Vertue, you can. 

Join a collective of female business owners and decision makers who share your passion for environmental and ecological matters.

Vertue unites and encourages women with shared interests to instigate practical change. We provide the members of our collective with the tools and the knowledge they need to really make a difference to our planet and the society within it.

When you’re striving to do good, there’s no better feeling than encouragement from likeminded peers; people you’re truly in tune with. Whether you’re well on the path to sustainable living or you’re at the very start of your journey, Vertue is designed to support you on your personal quest to lead a more conscious life.

Vertue membership includes:

Monthly Meetings

Vertue hosts ten managed monthly meetings per year. These meetings outline diverse topical points of discussion, with information and resources distributed to members in advance. This information enables members to conduct additional personal research and have an informed say at meetings.


Specialist Speakers

Whether discussing the importance of bees, investigating renewable heat energy, minimising cyber threats, or distilling calorie and alcohol-free gin, our diverse speakers range from respected university professors to inspiring business moguls.


Nurturing Environment

The considerate, encouraging environment of our women’s collective allows members to share creative ideas and insights in a safe, judgement-free space.


Learning and Sharing

Our ongoing meetings offer a special time and space for members to have their say and bounce their ideas off each other, all the while gaining a better understanding of interesting and important topics.


Invaluable Networking

Informal networking takes place before and after each event to encourage strong connections and synergistic relationships to form between members.


Ongoing Support

Our closed LinkedIn group continues meeting discussions to help develop the Vertue community and encourage further sharing in between gatherings.


Enhanced Access

Vertue membership guarantees access to our private website area, which allows members to download content from our digital library, including relevant resources and works by guest speakers.


Exclusive Invitations

Members receive exclusive, priority invitations to supper clubs and social events. Please note, additional costs may apply.

Vertue membership is exclusive, by invitation only.

Share your passion for environmental and ecological matters with a conscientious women’s collective.