24th of September 


Rosie Oliver runs unique guided tours which both explain and raise awareness around London’s environmental issues. Rosie is an x-Environmental Lawyer and with the Defra team have made a cleaner Thames possible by the building of The Super Sewer. Wildlife, plant-life and our daily lives will be much improved but why was this £4.2billion project so essential?


Pollution and waste over the years have impacted the Thames, its environs and now we are facing the increasing water levels due to global warming. This fascinating and inspiring talk given by Rosie Oliver on the Thames looks at the past, present and future, illustring her knowledge and passion into all she does. Bringing about change is never easy and Rosie will take us through some of the steps involved to bring us to where we are.


The Thames is a vital part of London’s transport, commerce and tourism as well as giving a haven for wildlife and essential green space around the marshes, banks , tributaries and valleys for us too. This meeting will provide the backdrop to explore some of the issues which effect us all, pollution, waste and global warming. The aim is always that the exchange of information will speed up change, best practice and is invaluable.

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