Terms and Conditions of Membership


Any application for, or renewal of, membership of Vertue will be deemed to be made on the basis of these Terms and Conditions, which will govern the on-going relationship between the member and Vertue.



There is no category lock-out but each member must demonstrate either by action or intention, their dedication to positively impact the areas of Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and/or the Circular Economy.



If a member cannot attend a meeting they should arrange for a representative/substitute to attend in their place, having first checked with the Facilitator regarding suitability.

If a member fails to attend regularly, Vertue reserves the right to review and revoke their membership. If a member is absent from 2 or more meetings (without sending a representative/substitute) in a 12-month membership period, their space in the group will be reopened. A leave of absence, including maternity leave, may be possible in certain circumstances but must be agreed in advance by Head Office.



Members may give up their membership at any time after joining, but no refund will be made on any remaining portion of the membership year.



  • Membership fees at the level applied by Vertue from time to time are payable annually by Bank transfer or Paypal. Fees will be reviewed bi-annually.
  • Renewal notices will be sent out approximately one month before the renewal is due and payment must be received by the renewal date for continuity of¬† membership. If payment is not received within 14 days of the renewal date the membership may be terminated.
  • In the event that a member wishes to terminate their membership, for whatever reason, the fees are not refundable. In the unlikely event of membership being terminated by Vertue, for not adhering to the Terms and Conditions, fees are not refundable.
  • Meeting fees are payable monthly by standing order at the levels applied by Vertue from time to time (plus VAT at the appropriate rate if applicable). Members must set up a standing order at the start of their membership and make continuing payments as long as their membership is in force, regardless of attendance. No refunds will be given, other than in the event that a meeting is cancelled in which case the member will receive a meeting fee refund for that month.
  • There will only be a meeting date or time change when the circumstances are
  • beyond our control. Should the date change without adequate notice and within 3 weeks of the diarised meeting, thus preventing a Vertue member from attending their monthly meetings, the member will receive a meeting fee refund.



Vertue is not to be held responsible for the outcome of business or any other activity conducted between members and/or visitors. Each party should satisfy themselves as to the expertise and/or fitness of the other party to supply the service or product in question to an appropriate standard, and their qualification(s) to do so.